A Guide to Search Results for "Criminal Attorney"

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The search term "criminal attorney" is typically used by people who are in trouble with the law and do, in fact, need a criminal defense attorney to help them deal with that trouble. As a general rule, the practice of criminal law is limited to the particular jurisdiction or jurisdictions where an attorney is licensed to practice. However, certification of criminal law specialization is not a requirement to practice criminal law, and there is seldom any inquiry into the relevant qualifications of an attorney before he or she is allowed to represent people who have been contacted by law enforcement authorities and/or represent people who stand accused of a crime. Even so, when a court assigns counsel to an indigent criminal defendant, there may actually be an inquiry into the relevant qualifications of the attorneys who are considered by the court. Moreover, many jurisdictions do certify attorneys as specialists in criminal defense, and there are many well-respected organizations that engage in the painstaking evaluation of the credentials of criminal defense attorneys.

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